Saturday, June 14, 2008

If It's For Our Veterans, McCain's Against It

John McCain joins George Bush in his opposition to the Webb Amendment, which would expand benefits for veterans to help them pay tuition and other benefits at four-year public universities. The problem? The military still needs its fighting men and women in uniform, not in classrooms. How else, if McCain's elected, can he keep soldiers on a treadmill of deployment to Iraq?

McCain's opposition to the Webb Amendment is part of a longtime pattern of non-support for our troops and veterans. From Veterans For Common Sense:

Since everyone is at least a bit familiar with John McCain’s record when it comes to strolling through a market in Baghdad with hundreds of his closest guards, or how he wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years (except when he flip flops on that).

But not that many really, truly know just how horrific his voting record is when it comes to the troops. And it is pretty consistent – whether it is for armor and equipment, for veteran’s health care, for adequate troop rest or anything that actually, you know, supports our troops.

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