Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sign The Petition: Make McCain Disavow His Dishonest Obama Ad

BusinessWeek's web site posted revealing commentary by David Kiley (7/28/08) on the McCain ad criticizing Barack Obama for cancelling a visit to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center to visit wounded troops. Kiley explained, "Obama’s cancellation of a visit in Germany to visit wounded U.S. troops has been adequately explained: that his campaign was advised by the Pentagon that since Obama was on a campaign trip and spending campaign resources, it would be viewed as using the wounded as props whether cameras were allowed in the hospital or not."

The McCain ad claims that "John McCain is always there for our troops." Really? See my post, "If It's For Our Veterans, McCain's Against It," on McCain's joining George Bush in opposition to the Webb Amendment to expand benefits for veterans. Click here to visit Veterans for Common Sense on "McCain's Voting Record: He Does Not Support Our Troops And Veterans.

Had Obama visited the troops, McCain was also ready with an ad criticizing him for doing so! More from Kiley: "What the McCain campaign doesn’t want people to know, according to one GOP strategist I spoke with over the weekend, is that they had an ad script ready to go if Obama had visited the wounded troops saying that Obama was...using wounded troops as campaign props. So, no matter which way Obama turned, McCain had an Obama bashing ad ready to launch. I guess that’s political hardball. But another word for it is the one word that most politicians are loathe to use about their opponents—a lie."

The lies don't stop there. Despite McCain's endorsement of the drilling-for-oil scam that would do nothing to ease immediate costs at the pump, he blames his opponent for high prices: "And USA Today wrote an editorial about last week’s ad scam from McCain, blaming Obama for higher gas prices. The paper wrote: “Even by the elastic standards of political ads, this is more than a stretch. It’s baloney. It’s also a marker on the path toward the kind of simplistic, counterproductive demonizing that many expect will poison the fall campaign.”

Of course, when you are as beholden to the oil industry as John McCain, you must resort to nonsensical schemes as a substitute to a viable energy–especially alternative energy–policy. See AOL News (7/28/08), "Media Shocker: Oil Industry Backs McCain" and Huffington Post: "Oil Industry Floods McCain With Cash After Offshore Drilling Reversal" (7/27/08).

McCain's recent ad on Obama's successful trip to Europe and the Middle East flashes images of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in an attempt to paint the Democratic candidate as a vacuous celebrity. This sophomoric effort reveals the vacuousness of the McCain campaign. Besides the oil drilling hoax and his recent adoption of Obama's timetable to withdraw troops from Iraq, what does McCain have to say about the issues? He stands for failed Bush policies, including the continuation of tax cuts for the wealthiest and opposition to any semblance of universal health care. MCain has put up a false front as a straight talker and as one who disdains negative campaigning, including the tactics used against him by George Bush in South Carolina during the 2000 primary.

The above video is paid for by Robert Greenwald for Brave New PAC. After you view it, click here to join thousands to send a message to Senator McCain under the heading, "Make McCain Disavow His Dishonest Obama Ad."

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