Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lionel: Who Are We To Talk To Russia About Aggression?

President Bush said that Russia's military action in South Ossetia and Abkhazia were "...damaging its reputation and 'were unacceptable in the 21st century.' " McCain called on the United Nations to condemn "Russian aggression."

Has anyone noted an irony in these statements? Here is the president of the United States and the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, both of whom thought it was a fine idea to occupy and invade a sovereign nation, Iraq, that posed no threat to the United States. Now they are protesting Russia's "unacceptable" actions and "aggression."

Radio host Lionel of Air America Radio points out the irony in Bush's stance in the video clip above. He states, “The president is standing in front of the world and telling Russia, ‘You have invaded a sovereign country and you’re seeking some kind of a regime change. You want to topple the leader of a sovereign nation.' Does this sound familiar to you? Who are we to tell anybody anything? What is the difference between South Ossetia and Iraq?” 

That's just a highlight; the entire clip asks provocative questions and is well worth a listen.

Lionel's repeated question, "Who are we to tell anybody anything," is a reflection of our nation's declining moral standing after an unjustifiable war, waterboarding, extraordinary rendition, the reversal of the FISA bill and other illegal actions. It will take a long time and a reversal of policies before we are able to speak to the world about diplomacy and curbing aggression.

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