Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hannity Lobs Softball Questions At Palin In Fox Infomercial Disguised As Interview

This was no interview with Charlie Gibson. No sneaky questions about the Bush doctrine of preemptive war–as if someone who may be a heartbeat away from the presidency should know one of the major rationalizations that led to our reckless military adventure in Iraq.

This time, Sarah Palin was talking over the past week to Sean Hannity of Fox. She was relaxed and smiling, and who could blame her? Palin knew that she was in friendly territory. In effect, she was talking to a one of her campaign's media representatives. Playing his part, Hannity conducted an infomercial disguised as an interview. 

In the following video from Think Progress, watch how Palin never answers whether she at first supported the bridge to nowhere–which she indeed did. Palin skips right to her eventual opposition, a politically motivated response to what became a symbol of congressional pork:

Next, Hannity lets Palin rattle on about the meaning of McCain's mantra, "The fundamentals of our economy are strong." She repeats the campaign's desperate equation of "the fundamentals" with American workers, with its implication that those who don't believe in the fundamentals also don't believe in the workers. Yet along with its strong fundamentals, the economy is also called "a mess." Cognitive dissonance, anyone? 

Finally, there's more empty rhetoric about McCain's commitment to reforming Wall Street, as if he weren't a longtime advocate of market deregulation. To make matters worse, Palin both uses the word "verbiage" incorrectly and mispronounces it. I know it's elitist of me to be irritated by such a fine linguistic points, along with her Bush-like pronunciation elsewhere of "noo-cular." Let's listen:

Of course, Palin couldn't speak about McCain without mentioning the word "maverick" in reference to a candidate who voted with Bush over 90% of the time. Palin's proof that the term fits comes, of course, from McCain's choosing her as his running mate. The fact that his choice of Palin, as opposed to his buddies Joe Lieberman and Tom Ridge, represented a complete concession to the American Taliban, i.e., the religious right, is naturally not mentioned:

Finally, an individual with the user name of "AdamAnger" contributed the following video which, with the inexplicable soundtrack of Bessie Smith's "My Man Treats Me Like A Dog" (unfair, since Hannity treated Palin as if she were a valid vice-presidential candidate) shows clips of Hannity's questions. 

Hannity's purpose is clearly revealed: to insert his anti-Obama talking points and lob softball questions at Palin. He refers to "Obama using what happened on Wall Street for political gain," questions the Democratic candidate's political donations, enumerates for Palin her "reform" agenda and refers to her "maverick" status, speaks about the Obama-Biden "attacks" (as opposed to the McCain camp's straightforward references to "lipstick on a pig") and asserts that Americans are receiving false information on drilling in Anwar. We'll close with this demonstration of Fox journalism and objectivity at their finest:

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