Friday, September 26, 2008

Todd, Maddow, Letterman: Polls Drive McCain's Cynical Campaign Suspension

New polls show that more respondents trust Obama than McCain on the economy. McCain suspends campaign.

Is there a connection here? 

Just as he made the ill-advised pick of Palin to shake up his campaign, the suspension is the latest McCain gimmick to boost his ratings. Chuck Todd of NBC lays bare McCain's cynical ploy, asking, "Why does JohnMcCain want to call a time-out right now and sort of suspend the campaign? Well, he was getting clobbered on the economy."

Rachel Maddow offers a survey of McCain's "dramatic" campaign moves and reaches the same conclusion. In addition, she speaks of a McCain campaign talking points memo about how to campaign about suspending the campaign, mistakenly emailed to reporters:

David Letterman, disappointed about McCain's bailing out on his show, asked, "Are we suspending it because there's an economic crisis or because the poll numbers are sliding?" Letterman also pointed out that contrary to assertions that McCain was "racing back to Washington" due to the economic crisis, he was still in New York being interview at CBS News:

Letterman stated about McCain's newest stunt, "Ladies and gentlemen, that's starting to smell ...This just gets uglier and uglier." Can't argue with that.

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