Friday, September 26, 2008

What Was The Point Of McCain's Dramatic Escapade In DC?

So in the end, what was John McCain's dramatic escapade in Washington all about?

Striking a blow against literacy, on Tuesday he said that he hadn't "had a chance to see the [Paulson] bailout proposal in writing." 

A three-page document. Couldn't he have gotten one of his aides to get him a copy?

The admission, made without a hint of embarrassment, is shown in the video above. It comes after he pontificated about "oversight." Not having read it, he couldn't say whether he'd "vote for it as it's presently constructed."

Wouldn't you think that he'd read this document immediately, if this were an issue that warranted suspending his campaign?

His "suspension," by the way, had nothing to do with stopping his campaign ads, shutting down online contributions or directing his spokespersons across the country to stop the campaign spin. In fact, they even had a talking points memo about how to spin the campaign suspension. Rather paradoxical, isn't it? 

So what did McCain do to show the country his leadership skills? Did he emerge from the economic conferences with a resolution in hand?


At the White House meeting, McCain sat silently for 40 minutes. Meeting participants said he was vague in his opinions. Later, he said that the bipartisan plan was a first step to a resolution. He had little to say pro or con about Republican objections. He expressed hopes that all would succeed.

Then, after originally stating that he wouldn't debate until an economic plan was set in Washington, he blinked. There was no resolution. He headed to Mississippi for the first debate with Barack Obama.

Now the question is, what's the next McCain campaign gimmick?

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