Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hagan Fires Back At Dole's Smear Ad

Yesterday (Oct. 29) I posted about the shameful ad that Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole ran about her opponent, Kay Hagan, Democratic member of the North Carolina General Assembly. The Dole ad condemned Hagan for taking "godless money" from the Godless Americans Political Action Committee and misled the viewer into thinking that a voice stating, "There is no God," was Hagan's.

The Hagan campaign fired right back at Dole with the ad above. That's the kind of rapid response Democrats need against the Republicans' politics of personal destruction, perfected by Lee Atwater and Karl Rove and used recently by Dole.

Hagan, a Sunday school teacher and an elder in her Presbyterian church in Greensboro, North Carolina, denied that she accepted the money and sought permission to file a legal complaint after the election is over.

Dole is the latest in a number of Republicans who have attempted to tar their opponents for not being "regular Americans." We've recently seen Sarah Palin talking about the "pro-American" parts of the country; Michele Bachmann calling for a media inquiry into the patriotism of members of Congress; Representative Robin Hayes stating at a McCain rally, "Liberals hate real Americans"; McCain's brother John stating that northern Virginia is "communist", and McCain spokeswoman Nancy Pfotenhauer referring to southern Virginia as the "real Virginia."

How can these individuals claim that they love America while making such divisive comments about so many parts of the country and so many of their fellow citizens?

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