Tuesday, October 21, 2008

McCain Defends Indefensible Robocalls

John McCain angrily defended his campaign's use of vile robocalls attempting to link Barack Obama with terrorism due to the latter's fleeting relationship with Bill Ayres.

During the third presidential debate, Obama said that he served on a school reform board that contained prominent Republican funders and participants, such as former Reagan ambassador Walter Annenberg. Obama also called Ayers' past terrorist acts "despicable" and stated that Ayers has nothing to do with his campaign and will not advise Obama in the White House.

Regardless, the McCain campaign, due to a lack of ideas on how to help the country overcome its real problems, has made Ayers the center of its campaign, as Obama accurately pointed out.

I must admit that Chris Wallace of Fox News correctly exposed McCain's hypocrisy. During the 2000 primary, McCain was the victim of the Bush campaign's racist robocalls about his "interracial child." McCain currently uses the same company, FSL Direct, that conducted robocalls against him, which he called "hate calls" at the time.

Meanwhile, the McCain campaign has added new themes to Palin's charge that Obama has been "palling around with terrorists." Obama's call for a return to a more progressive tax structure, one that breaks away from George Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy, is now maligned as "socialism." McCain has even been associating Obama's more equitable tax plans with the racially charged word "welfare."

"Terrorism." "Socialism." "Welfare." In its desperation, the McCain campaign is throwing everything it can at Obama. Its charges are both despicable and ridiculous. In the past, I felt that McCain was a basically decent individual whose ideas I disagreed with. Now it's apparent that with his cynical pick of Sarah Palin and his angry, outrageous campaign, McCain has sold his soul in his quest for the presidency.

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