Thursday, October 23, 2008

McCain's Brother: Northern Virginia Is "Communist"

McCain spokeswoman Nancy Pfotenhauer recently referred to southern Virginia as "real Virginia." That is, the part she thinks will vote for McCain (see my post, 10/19/08).

Apparently John McCain's brother Joe also sees a sharp division between the northern and southern parts of the state. His comment at an event in Loudon County, Virginia: “I’ve lived here for at least 10 years and before that about every third duty I was in either Arlington or Alexandria, up in communist country.”

So apparently putting up a sign supporting Obama-Biden is synonymous with putting up a red flag featuring a gold hammer and sickle. It's either the Republicans or the Communists.

McCain and Palin have set the tenor for these comments with their divisive, negative campaign. It starts at the top.

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