Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Military Wives Speak Out For Obama

I've written about how John McCain is not a friend of our veterans. In the first debate, he referred to veterans and said, "I'll take care of them." Really?

Obama did a fine job in all three debates. Yet at that moment I wished that he had called McCain out on his terrible record regarding veterans.

We last heard from McCain on this issue in his opposition to the Webb Amendment, which would expand benefits for veterans to help them pay tuition and other benefits at four year public universities. Why did he oppose it? In order to keep soldiers on a treadmill of deployment to Iraq, a conflict for which he offers no proposal for withdrawal–only vague promises of "victory."

McCain's opposition to the Webb Amendment was part of his record of supporting Bush "over 90% of the time," as he put it.

The ad above underscores these very points as military wives state why they support Barack Obama. It was produced by Blue Star Families for Obama. For more information about the group, click here. To learn more about McCain's poor record on veteran's issues from Veterans for Common Sense, click here.

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