Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Palin Clears Palin Of "Any Hint Of Unethical Activity"

After listening to Sarah Palin in the video above, read some excerpts from the Alaska Legislature's report on her tactics to get her former brother-in-law Michael Wooten fired:

“Such impermissible and repeated contacts create conflicts of interests for subordinate employees who must choose to either please a superior or run the risk of facing that superior’s displeasure and the possible consequences of that displeasure."

[Palin] “permitted Todd Palin to use the governor’s office and the resources of the governor’s office, including access to state employees, to continue to contact subordinate state employees in an effort to find some way to get Trooper Wooten fired.”

[Palin] "“knowingly permitted a situation to continue where impermissible pressure was placed on several subordinates in order to advance a personal agenda.”

The report also found that Palin was within her rights to fire Walt Monegan, Wooten's boss. Monegan stated that he felt that he was fired because he wouldn't fire Wooten.

Still, the report clearly states that Palin abused her powers. It's therefore quite a stretch for her to state that she was cleared of "any hint of any kind of unethical activity."

"Impermissible contacts and pressure." Yup, not even a hint there. The reformin' maverick #2 clears herself.


quakerdave said...

Let's see... she was vindicated by that wild-eyed crew of Obama lackies who make up the Alaska Democratic party? The same investigation she dismissed as partisan?

I see it now...

Jeff Tone said...

Yes, it's as clear as mud. Palin was vindicated in her mind.