Monday, October 6, 2008

Springsteen At Phila. Voter Registration Drive: "Stand With Obama And Biden"

Bruce Springsteen spoke eloquently on Saturday before almost 50,000 at an Obama voter registration rally in Philadelphia. He then performed "The Rising," inspired by the 9/11 tragedy. Excerpts from The Boss's remarks:

"After the disastrous administration of the past eight years, what we need is someone to lead us in an American reclamation project. ...They will be leaving office dropping the national tragedies of Katrina, Iraq and our financial crisis in our laps. Our sacred house of dreams has been abused, it's been looted and it's been left in a terrible state of disrepair. It needs care, it needs saving, and it needs defending against those who'd sell it down the river for power or for a quick buck. ...It needs someone with Senator Obama's understanding, his temperateness, his deliberativeness, his maturity, compassion, toughness and faith to help us rebuild our house once again ...I want my house back, I want my America back and I want my country back. So I say now is the time to stand with Barack Obama and Joe Biden..."

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