Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Suspense Is Over: The New York Times Endorses Obama

Granted, you don't have to sit down before finding out that The New York Times endorsed Barack Obama. But even if the element of surprise is missing, the paper presented a most eloquent case for choosing the Democratic candidate:

Mr. Obama has met challenge after challenge, growing as a leader and putting real flesh on his early promises of hope and change. He has shown a cool head and sound judgment. We believe he has the will and the ability to forge the broad political consensus that is essential to finding solutions to this nation’s problems.

In the same time, Senator John McCain of Arizona has retreated farther and farther to the fringe of American politics, running a campaign on partisan division, class warfare and even hints of racism. His policies and worldview are mired in the past. His choice of a running mate so evidently unfit for the office was a final act of opportunism and bad judgment that eclipsed the accomplishments of 26 years in Congress.

The entire endorsement is required reading for Liberal Curmudgeon regulars. To get going, click here.

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