Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bush Administration Goes Out With Domestic Agenda Of Destruction

Not satisfied with the amount of destruction that it has wrought over the past eight years, the Bush administration is working on as many reckless proposals as possible before its time runs out. Think Progress is keeping track of the disastrous agenda, under the title "Bush's Backward Sprint to the Finish."

The initiatives would start in 60 days, making it difficult for the incoming president to reverse them. Given Obama's election, they clearly do not reflect the priorities of the American people. But since when has the Bush administration ever taken that into consideration? We only need to recall Dick Cheney's famous response to Diane Sawyer's observation that two-thirds of the population don't think that the Iraq war is worth fighting. Here it is, in its entirety: "So?"

The Bush administration's final domestic agenda of destruction includes:

Health Care

• Cutting back Medicaid.
• Allowing federally funded institutions to turn down abortion requests for moral or religious reasons


• Making it harder to take paid time off.
• Allowing truck drivers to work 14 hour days.


• Allowing mining near the Grand Canyon.
• Allowing federal agencies to discount global warming when assessing risks to endangered species.
• Weakening the Endangered Species Act.
• Eliminating environmental reviews of fishing regulations.
• Allowing more emissions from power plants.
• Opening protected wilderness areas to energy development.
• Letting factory farms voluntarily decide if they need permits to discharge waste into waterways.
• Altering the definition of solid waste.

Civil Liberties

• Allowing guns in national parks.
• Broadening law enforcement monitoring abilities.


• Protecting political appointees by shifting them to permanent posts.

To review the report in detail on the Web, click here. To download a PDF of the report, click here.

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