Sunday, November 2, 2008

Californians: Resist Savage's Anti-Gay Diatribe By Voting NO To Proposition 8

In his latest anti-gay diatribe, right-wing radio hate monger Michael Savage said the following about Proposition 8, which would ban gay marriage following the California Supreme Court ruling granting same-sex couples the right to marry:

October 29: Now, in the state of California, which leads both for the good and the bad in many ways politically, there's a ballot initiative on homosexual marriage that is more important than you could imagine. It's called Proposition 8, and you must vote "yes" if you're sane. If you're insane, hate the family, hate man and woman, hate your mother and father, hate the Bible, hate the church, and hate the synagogue, of course you're in favor of "no" on Proposition 8, which is where most of the Democrat politicians are, because they are exactly what you think they are.

October 30: What it is, is that a family man knows that life is filled with briars and stones and this and that, and that the -- they have -- the people who don't have families don't understand that, as difficult as family life is, life is impossible without it. ...They don't understand what the family unit is. It's the strongest bond on Earth, which is why homosexual marriage is such a threat to civilization itself.

Actually, gays are campaigning for the right to marry based on their understanding of the importance of the family bond. Why else would they want to make the commitment of marriage? And exactly how would this right be a "threat to civilization"? Has civilization crumbled in Canada, Spain, Massachusetts, California or Connecticut, all of which sanction gay marriage?

Savage tosses around the word "hate" quite a bit. Ironic for such a purveyor of hate. Californians can learn more about why they should vote "NO" by visiting Vote No On Prop. 8.

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