Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gail Collins' Wonderful Suggestion: Bush And Cheney Resign Now

Given the vacuum of leadership that the Bush administration represents, the dire problems it has caused and the destructive endgame it has in store for the country, columnist Gail Collins has proposed an excellent out-of-the-box proposal: Bush and Cheney should resign now. Wouldn't that be a wonderful Thanksgiving gift for an anxious nation?

Excerpt from "Time for Him to Go" (November 22, 2008):

Thanksgiving is next week, and President Bush could make it a really special holiday by resigning.

Seriously. We have an economy that’s crashing and a vacuum at the top. Bush — who is currently on a trip to Peru to meet with Asian leaders who no longer care what he thinks — hasn’t got the clout, or possibly even the energy, to do anything useful. His most recent contribution to resolving the fiscal crisis was lecturing representatives of the world’s most important economies on the glories of free-market capitalism.

Putting Barack Obama in charge immediately isn’t impossible. Dick Cheney, obviously, would have to quit as well as Bush. In fact, just to be on the safe side, the vice president ought to turn in his resignation first. (We’re desperate, but not crazy.) Then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would become president until Jan. 20. Obviously, she’d defer to her party’s incoming chief executive, and Barack Obama could begin governing.

It probably won't happen, but we can dream, can't we? Especially when every day left with this crew is a day too long. To read the entire column, click here.

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