Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lieberman Denies His Own Comments On Obama's Readiness To Lead

The rush to denial continues. First Republican Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota denied that she was concerned that Barack Obama "may have anti-American views" and that the news media should "do a penetrating expose" into the "views of the people in Congress and find out if they are pro-America or anti-America." Yet she did make these statements to Chris Matthews of MSNBC's Hardball.

Now we have Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut telling a Hartford, CT, Fox affiliate that he never suggested that Barack Obama was "not ready to lead." Watch his denial on the video above, in which he tries to couch his previous statement in terms of who was "better ready to be the president." While he preferred McCain, Lieberman now declares that he "never felt Barack Obama was unready." The video ends with Lieberman's statement on Meet The Press: "Is, notwithstanding his celebrity status, Barack Obama ready to lead? And my answer is no."

It would be one thing if Bachmann and Lieberman acknowledged their previous statements and said they went overboard in the heat of the campaign. Instead, they have the effrontery to explicitly deny–i.e., lie about–what they so clearly said on video and which is preserved on YouTube for everyone to watch.

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