Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lieberman Granted Amnesty For Treachery

The Democrats on Tuesday voted to let Joe Lieberman keep his chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, a decision that had the backing of President-elect Barack Obama. I understand that they're trying to be pragmatic and not push Lieberman into the Republican camp. They want every vote they can get on the major issues ahead, particularly with the possibility of gaining a filibuster-proof majority with elections still to be decided. 

Still, Lieberman spoke recently about a filibuster-proof Democratic majority being a threat to the nation's security. In addition, how reliable a vote is he? He stood against the Democrats on the Iraq war and torture. How did he rationalize waterboarding? "It is not like putting hot coals on people's bodies." So because it isn't hot coals, the acute panic brought on by the sensation that one is about to drown isn't torture.

Lieberman gave what was called in the CNN video above a "carefully hedged mea culpa":

...some of the statements — some of the things that people have said I said about Senator Obama are simply not true.

There are other statements that I made that I wish I had made more clearly. And there are some that I made that I wish I had not made at all.

And, obviously, in the heat of campaigns, that happens to all of us, but I regret that. And now it’s time to move on.

Will Lieberman become more faithful to Obama out of gratitude? It's hard to tell. Still, the overall effect of Lieberman's amnesty is a negative one for the Democratic party. The lesson learned? After supporting the Republican president, his war of choice in Iraq, torture, and the Republican presidential candidate; speaking at the Republican National Convention, and trashing the Democratic presidential candidate, there are no consequences. The loss of a spot on the Environment and Public Works Committee is a slap on the wrist. Not the best way to enforce even a modicum of party discipline and loyalty.

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fleud said...

The "good" citizens of Connecticut are ultimately responsible for returning this unconscionable pol to power, but Obama proves once again, as he did throughout the campaign, that he is a pol, too, although not quite so unconscionable. The Senate's "Democratic majority" is nothing but a joke. They've proved once again that they are craven idiots.