Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Lieberman Treachery: Filibuster-Proof Democratic Senate Supposedly Threatens Nation

Isn't it amazing to think that Democrats once voted for Independent Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut as part of the Gore-Lieberman ticket in 2000? Lieberman has since been a strong supporter of George Bush, the war in Iraq and John McCain, and spoke at the 2008 Republican National Convention. (The photo at left shows the famous Bush-Lieberman kiss following the State of the Union address of 2005.)

The latest in Lieberman's treachery is his warning against a filibuster-proof Senate consisting of 60 Democratic seats, to the point that such a prospect may endanger the nation. Lieberman spoke to right-wing radio host Glen Beck (quotations below from Think Progress):

BECK: But do you agree that Senator Hatch said to me that if we don’t at least have the firewall of the filibuster in the Senate that in many ways America will not survive?

LIEBERMAN: Well, I hope it’s not like that, but I fear. And I think the filibuster is the key. You know, it gets a bad name, but it was really put there, a 60-vote requirement, to, as somebody said to me when I first came to the Senate, stop the passions of a moment among the people of America from sweeping across the Congress, the House, through the Senate, to a like-minded President and having us do things that will change America for a long time. So the filibuster is one of the important protections we have.

Which passions does Lieberman refer to? Could they have something to do with reversing the immense damage done over the past eight years by Bush administration domestic and foreign policies? Why does Lieberman want to insure that Republicans have the ability to obstruct new priorities in, say, economics, war, the environment, health care and education?

As is turns out, the Democrats are not filibuster-proof. I hope, though, that they're powerful enough to finally throw Lieberman out of any and all committees.

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