Thursday, November 20, 2008

Palin Pardons Turkey, Speaks While More Are Slaughtered

Can Sarah Palin ever be taken seriously? Just after pardoning a turkey in Wasilla, she was yammering away to a local TV interviewer while turkeys were being slaughtered in the background. So be forewarned before you watch the video.

Palin expressed appreciation for "so many good Americans who are just desiring of their government to kind of get out of the way and allow them to grow and progress and allow our businesses to grow and progress." This typical Republican rhetoric is completely out of touch with the concerns of thousands of Americans. 

It would be nice if the national mood were one of looking forward to growth and progress. In reality, millions are just hoping they can hang on to their homes, jobs and health insurance–and wouldn't mind at all if the government started developing the "green" job opportunities associated with alternative energy and establishing a national health care system. In part, those are the reasons the Obama-Biden ticket prevailed over McCain-Palin.

Palin, like the rest of her Republican colleagues, is as oblivious to these realities as she is to the plight of the turkeys.


Ed said...

Come on, Jeff, dont' be a hypocrite. Are you having turkey for Thanksgiving? Where the heck do you think it comes from?

Ed, as usual....

Jeff Tone said...

Ed, I understand that. But ritually pardoning a turkey and then casually conducting an interview while turkeys are being slaughtered in the background seems almost surreal in its absurdity and gruesomeness.

Ed said...

To you, maybe. The slaughter is business as usual, it's the farmers' livelihood. What's absurd is the ritual pardoning that is a nonsensical tradition when everyone knows that millions of turkeys are raised to be slaughtered for Thanksgiving.

All Presidents seem to do this meaningless ceremony when they are still going to have turkey that day anyway. Domestic turkeys are not house pets, they can't survive or reproduce on their own. They are raised for food, period. They are also dumb as dirt. (Wild turkeys are pretty smart, though)
So why the pardon in the first place?