Monday, November 24, 2008

Princeton Proposition 8 Defends Traditional Sidewalk Values

Inspired by the passage of California's Proposition 8, which rescinded gay marriage rights, Princeton University students have joined together to keep freshmen off the sidewalks. They are protecting the rights of those who have traditionally used the sidewalks prior to the freshmen's arrival, namely sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate students and professors.

Chris Simpson, organizer of the effort, explained, "Princeton Proposition 8 comes from the action that took place in California...which did something very similar. It used the common understanding of a traditional value of the community and allowed the majority of the people to come together to vote to suppress the will of a minority that was trying to really upset things in a way that was harmful. So by allowing the majority to take away the rights of the minority, California set a precedent that we are thrilled to be continuing here."

As a compromise, Simpson agreed that freshman can walk in the gutter or on the grass.

Supporter Rachel Thorman affirmed, "Freshman are a major problem in our class, and I don't want to have to teach our children non-traditional sidewalk values."

To read more about Princeton students' valiant defense of traditional sidewalk values, click here.


fleud said...

Sarky, very sarky. I'll keep my eyes peeled for local reports.

Jeff Tone said...

Fleud: First I thought you meant "snarky." So I looked up "sarky" and saw that it's a British expression for "sarcastic"–thus a synonym for "snarky." One is probably a derivative of the other. Thanks for the vocabulary expansion. And yes, the Princeton students epitomize sarkiness or snarkiness.