Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rachel Maddow: Strip Lieberman Of His Chair Of Homeland Security And Government Affairs

As shown in the video above, Rachel Maddow made a strong case for stripping Joe Lieberman of his chairmanship of the Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs. 

Maddow stated that while campaigning for John McCain, Lieberman talked about how much he feared for the safety of the country if the Democratic ticket prevailed. While Lieberman did virtually nothing to investigate the mishandling of Katrina, he may decide to hound an administration headed by a president he said was "dangerously naive" and wants "retreat on the field of battle."

She also said that while the Democrats may want Lieberman as part of an effort to reach a filibuster-proof 60 Senate seats, Lieberman will not vote with them on such contentious issues as Iraq and torture. In addition, he agreed with right wing talk show host Glenn Beck that a filibuster-proof Democratic Senate is a threat to the country's survival.

Maddow's compelling conclusion should be seriously considered by the all Democrats who have been angered by Lieberman's treachery and are wondering whether he will really strengthen the party's agenda:

Listen, Democrats, you have lost Lieberman anyway. I f you boot Lieberman out of his chairmanship, I know you probably won't get your 60 votes. But you do get a guy who politicized national security and homeland security in a disgusting fashion during this election, you do get him out of one of the most important security jobs in the government. And you do get your political soul and your political dignity back. And you probably get the satisfaction of seeing Joe Lieberman trying to run for re-election as a Republican next time around in New England. And that would probably be hilarious. 


quakerdave said...

I used to think that maybe it was okay for this guy to be a dissenting voice within the party. Big Tent and all that.

There's dissent, and then there;s being a traitor to what the party stands for. Not that Dimocrats stand for much these days. But this past campaign was beyond the pal(in).

Joe must go. From the party entirely.

Jeff Tone said...

QD: Joe has already left the party through his positions and actions. Now it's time for the Democrats to acknowledge that fact.