Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fox News' Nighmarish Ad Stars Features Cameos By Those Scary Democrats

Brave New Films makes pointed commentary about a recent Fox News ad, shown above:

Forget the audacity of hope. Call it the audacity of anger, rage and fear. FOX News wants to drag us back into the darkness. Notice all the explosions, people crying, fires, and the countdown at the end -- culminating in yet another explosion. Oh, and the only politicians you see are Democrats.

Those Democrats, specifically, are Joe Biden,  Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama. Following the nightmarish scenes and pounding music, they evoke three out of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, with the fourth to be named later: Clinton? Reid? Pelosi? 

How about the flashing slogans: there's the usual "fair and balanced," surely an Orwellian reference for a station that's the de facto propaganda outlet for the Republican party. Then we have the suggestion "as your world changes...stay with fox." Naturally, the anchor of stability in a world of entirely negative changes, which includes Democrats in power, is Fox News. That in itself is a bloodcurdling prospect.

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