Sunday, December 7, 2008

Message Of Bush Legacy Tour Will Prevail Over Bush Legacy Project

Relieved that the most disastrous presidency of our lives is finally coming to an end? The Bush Legacy Project aims to convince you that you've got it all wrong. Crooks and Liars recently posted about a discussion on CNN, hosted by Wolf Blitzer, on the efforts of George Bush's circle to put a positive spin on a legacy of destructiveness and incompetence. Stephen Hayes of the conservative Weekly Standard commented on the effort:

...there's an ongoing Bush legacy project that's been meeting in the White House, really, with senior advisers, Karl Rove, Karen Hughes has been involved, current senior Bush administration advisers and they are looking at how to sort of roll out the President's legacy.

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post states that the project has a difficult task ahead in reversing the popular perception:

The whole country has been on a Bush legacy project and it's not looking very good for him. I think the extraordinary thing is how does he fix from among the various things to choose from?

Iraq, Katrina, the economy, the environment, civil liberties and health care are among the "various things to choose from." Rove, Hughes and other advisers will not be able to spin their way out of the horrendous record. Nor will historians be any kinder in their assessment of Bush than the public has been, as evidenced in consistently low poll numbers.

This past summer, a coalition of progressive organizations sponsored the Bush Legacy Tour, a bus (running on bio diesel, of course) that drove throughout the country serving as a mobile museum of the failures of the administration. The exhibits also included a progressive vision of change. To visit the Bush Legacy Tour site, click here.

The ad above from the Bush Legacy Tour is a telling reminder of why Rove and company cannot succeed. Though the Bush Legacy Tour ran its last mile, its message, reflective of Bush's actual record, is the one that will prevail.

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