Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pastor Rick Warren Spouts Holy Nonsense About "Immature" Gays

In the video above, Pastor Rick Warren, who is to present the inaugural invocation on January 20th, explains why gays should not give in to their natural impulses:

"I've had many gay friends tell me, 'Well, Rick, why shouldn't I have multiple sexual partners? It's the natural thing to do.' Well, just because it seems natural doesn't mean it's best for you or society. I'm naturally inclined to have sex with every beautiful woman I see. But that doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. And why should I reign in my natural impulses? And you say well, because I have natural impulses toward the same sex, I shouldn't have to reign them in. Well, I disagree. I think that's part of maturity. I think it's part of delayed gratification. I think it's part of character."

Warren's statements about promiscuity are beside the point, since he would contend that a monogamous gay couple is still unacceptable. According to him, such a couple is composed of "immature" individuals who lack "character." They should delay gratification for their entire lives. Why? Because Warren and other homophobes "disagree" with who they are.

So what to do if one is gay and takes such judgment to heart? Warren's Saddleback Church has a "Celebrate Recovery" program that aims to eliminate gayness. Here's the testimony from a reader of Andrew Sullivan's The Daily Dish who recovered–from "Celebrate Recovery." He concludes with bitter reflections about the fact that Warren was chosen to present the invocation:

I was in full time ministry at a neighboring evangelical megachurch, where I was fighting a desperate battle against depression and despair in attempting to “cure” myself of my homosexuality. This was, without a doubt, the worst time in my life. I spent the majority of my Fridays as a young, 23 year old gay man sitting in a room with a group of men whose self loathing and struggle was overwhelming...

Looking at the deadlock these otherwise gifted men were in was extremely painful and one of the major spurs to my rethinking issues of sexual orientation and faith, and I am proud to say I came out the other side a reasonably well adjusted gay man...

It’s obvious what Obama is trying to do by having Warren give the convocation at his inauguration, and it is understandable – but for me as a human being who was personally damaged by Warren’s theology and his church specifically, it is unforgivable. And to cover it over with vague rhetoric about a politics of inclusion and unity is similarly unforgivable.

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