Thursday, December 11, 2008

Right Wing Makes Desperate Attempt To Tie Obama To Blagojevich

In the video above, Rachel Maddow focused on the efforts of the right wing to tie President-elect Barack Obama to Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, arrested on federal charges of attempting to sell Obama's senate seat, among other allegations. 

The right has tried to make this connection despite the statement of Patrick Fitzgerald, U.S. Attorney of the Northern District, regarding Obama: "We make no allegations that he was aware of anything."

In addition, there are the taped statements of the governor cursing Obama and stating about the Obama camp, “They are not willing to give me anything but appreciation. (Expletive) them."

There's also Obama's statement: "I have not discussed the senate seat with the governor at any time."

None of this is enough to keep the Republicans from making dark, insupportable allegations against Obama:

Robert "Mike" Duncan, Republican National Committee Chair: "President-elect Obama's carefully parsed and vague statements regarding his own contact and that of his team with Governor Rod Blagojevich are unacceptable."

Katon Dawson, chairman of the South Carolina Republican party: "[The Obama camp should] immediately release all records of discussion about the appointment of Obama's successor."

Republican Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia: "[The scandal] raises questions about the interaction with Governor Blagojevich, President-elect Obama."

The right-wing blog Powerline asks, "What did Obama know and what did he do about it?"–the second question implying that he did indeed know something about the corruption scandal.

Naturally, conservatives do not want to discuss their record of failure over the past eight years, including economic turmoil and an unnecessary war that they are leaving to Obama. So they are desperately trying to make a connection that simply doesn't exist. This latest attempt to tarnish Obama will have no more traction than their previous efforts.

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