Friday, January 23, 2009

Oath Of Office "Controversies": New Administration, Same Old Fox

Administrations come and go, but the clown show that passes for news at Fox continues. In a world in turmoil, there's something reassuring about that, yes?

After President Barack Obama and Chief Justice John G. Roberts stumbled over each other's words during the oath of office ceremony, Chris Wallace wondered whether Obama "really is the president of the United States":

Just to make sure, Roberts re-administered the oath to Obama on Wednesday in the White House Map Room. Sure enough, a new controversy took hold at Fox. This time, Glenn Beck, talk show host and theologian, was dismayed to find that the ceremony took place without a Bible:

Beck stated that we've never had a president sworn in without a Bible. According to Think Progress, Beck is incorrect; Teddy Roosevelt, Lyndon Baines Johnson and John Quincy Adams also didn't use one. But since when did the facts make a difference at Faux News?

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