Sunday, January 18, 2009

Olbermann On The Bush Presidency: 8 Years In 8 Minutes

Following my posting of the 30-second Bush retrospective, I became aware of Keith Olbermann's "Bush Presidency: 8 Years In 8 Minutes."  Olbermann provides a masterful recitation of the high crimes (unaccompanied by mere misdemeanors) of the Bush era. W's greatest hits, so to speak, are all here, from the fixing of intelligence for war to the denial of habeas corpus to ill-advised financial deregulation to the politicization of science and much more. 

The most immediate concern is the damning legacy that Bush is leaving us with in terms of economics, health care, domestic security, foreign affairs and the environment. The entire survey reads like a prose poem on power, destructiveness and incompetence. The full transcript is available at truthout.

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