Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Small Story Of Hope: Israeli And Palestinian Doctors Save A Child's Life

"Amidst all the violence and confrontation, Jafar's healthy, beating heart is a symbol of healing and the humanity and cooperation that take place despite the raging conflict."


The story (h/t Haaretz) of Israeli and Palestinian doctors working together to save the life of Jafar, a Palestinian baby, captured in the video above, is especially moving during the current conflict. I know that every topic in the Middle East becomes politicized, but I think that an event like this offers hope. It's a small story in the midst of regional events, but it's also the largest one in the world: the saving of a child's life. 

This endeavor involved the cooperation of people of goodwill on both sides. Such goodwill and hope will also be needed for 2009 to end on a much more positive note for the Israelis of Sderot and the Palestinians of Gaza City.

The Israeli organization that carried out this operation, Save A Child's Heart, has provided free treatment to more than 2,000 children suffering from heart disease around the world.


mjmand said...

Thank you for this link. Frankly I'm tired of all the killing and the diminution of the value of human life on both sides. A story such as this is clear indication that there can be cooperation for the greater good. I guess I'm just a naive optimist.

Jeff Tone said...

MJM: You're welcome. We need stories like these to boost a sense of optimism, especially now.