Saturday, March 7, 2009

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown: Proposition 8 "Unacceptable"

As California Supreme Court justices weigh the banning of gay marriage through Proposition 8, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown spoke to gay and lesbian leaders during the first reception for LGBT History Month at 10 Downing Street. Brown eloquently condemned the rescinding of an equal right:

"I was in America yesterday and I know you will be sorry I didn’t bring Barack Obama back. He is coming soon. But what I saw in America told me what we have to do. This Proposition 8, this attempt to undo the good that has been done. This attempt to create divorces among 18,000 people who were perfectly legally brought together in partnerships, this is unacceptable and shows me why we always have to be vigilant, why we have always got to fight homophobic behaviour and any form of discrimination."

In 2005, the UK legalized same-sex civil partnerships, enabling gay and lesbian couples to enjoy tax breaks on inherited real estate and pension rights.

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