Saturday, March 14, 2009

Glenn Beck: "Political Correctness" Sparks Gun Massacres

In the Washington Monthly of November 11, Steve Benen described New Gingrich's despicable attempts to make political hay out of three horrific events:

"... in 1994, after Susan Smith drowned her two young sons, Gingrich, just three days before the midterm elections, equated her crime with the values of the Democratic Party. In 1999, shortly after the Columbine massacre, Gingrich argued that American 'elites' bear responsibility. After the shootings at Virginia Tech, Gingrich blamed liberals for supporting 'situation ethics'..."

Following Gingrich, Glenn Beck blamed Michael McLendon's shooting rampage in Alabama, in which he killed 10 people, including his mother, uncle and aunt, on a political climate that drives conservatives into a murderous rage. In other words, it's all the liberals' fault. Watch him speaking to Bill O'Reilly on Fox:

Beck: But as I’m listening to him. I’m thinking about the American people that feel disenfranchised right now. That feel like nobody’s hearing their voice. The government isn’t hearing their voice. Even if you call, they don’t listen to you on both sides. If you’re a conservative, you’re called a racist. You want to starve children.
O’Reilly: Sure.
Beck: Yada yada yada. And every time they do speak out, they’re shut down by political correctness. How do you not have those people turn into that guy?
O’Reilly: Well, look, nobody, even if they’re frustrated, is going to hurt another human being unless they’re mentally ill. I think.
Beck: I think pushed to the wall, you don’t think people get pushed to the wall?
O’Reilly: Nah, I don’t believe in this snap thing. I think that that kind of violence is inside you and it’s a personality disorder.

It doesn't speak well of Beck that O'Reilly was acting as the voice of reason. Beck assumed that McLendon went on a killing spree because he was a frustrated conservative. Actually, he had no idea what the McLendon's politics were, and perhaps was making assumptions based on the fact that the gunman was a white southerner. 

Investigators point instead to McLendon's anger toward his family and failure to become a Marine or a police officer. Perhaps Beck was speaking out of his own rage and frustration. Does he feel that no one hears him under the Obama administration? Would he also have contended that liberals were being "pushed to the wall" during the eight years of the Bush administration?

In any event, Beck need not feel "disenfranchised." The fact is that he has Fox News, the de facto propaganda arm of the Republican party, to spout his vile and nonsensical theories across the nation.

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