Friday, March 27, 2009

One Detail Missing From Republican Budget: Numbers

After a media buildup regarding the unveiling of the Republican alternative budget, party members revealed once again that they have no ideas beyond saying "No" to the Obama administration. Instead of presenting any numbers, they promised to offer "a component" on the House floor. MSBNC's Contessa Brewer expressed her frustration:

Brewer: Here's a number of Republicans from the House of Representatives who are coming out and taking on the president's budget again. We were told, we were promised that they were going to offer an alternative and what we're hearing again is them laying our their criticism of the president's budget... So far, we're not seeing any real numbers attached to this. ...I didn't hear ideas. I heard the promise of ideas.

Meanwhile, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs noted that the Republican budget makes for fast reading:

Question: ...House Republicans unveiled what they described today as their alternative to the president's budget. I wonder if anyone here has had a chance to brief you on that on -- if you're aware that it doesn't actually contain any numbers.

Gibbs: I did -- I -- it took me several minutes to read it. (LAUGHTER) I will note that ... there's one more picture of a windmill than there is of a chart of numbers. There's -- just for your knowledge, there's exactly one picture of a windmill. It's interesting to have a budget that doesn't contain any numbers. (h/t Talking Points Memo)


Joe Markowitz said...

This should be the moment when the Republican Party finally reveals itself as intellectually bankrupt. Finally, people are beginning to recognize that you cannot be in favor of both cutting taxes and reducing the deficit. Those goals are mutually exclusive and mutually destructive. Unless the Republicans can tell us how they are going to reduce the overall size of government expenditures, which is the one little detail that they always seem incapable of telling us, they have no possible way of achieving their mutually exclusive goals.

Jeff Tone said...

Excellent point, Joe. The Republican platform is indeed incoherent. Cutting taxes for the wealthy, eliminating the estate tax and giving tax breaks to companies that relocate overseas contradict the goal of cutting the deficit. We have lost billions in revenue due to these policies. Ultimately, however, I don't think the GOP minds putting the government in massive debt. Doing so makes it extremely difficult to realize the programs in health, education and energy, to name a few, that they despise.

Robert K. Blechman said...

I think the sooner we stop paying attention to them, the sooner they'll go away and leave us alone.

Jeff Tone said...

Robert: They're so out of touch, they may not even notice it when we stop paying attention.