Friday, March 6, 2009

SEIU Workers Invite O'Reilly To "Walk A Day In Our Shoes"

During the past week, Bill O'Reilly attacked the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) as a dangerous, subversive group:

"Leading the way is the radical-left Service Employees International Union, a huge supporter of Barack Obama, and a force that represents 2 million workers in the USA and Canada. That union, allied with George Soros and Miss Pelosi, is pushing for a dramatic change in America -- a change that would badly damage our capitalistic system, which these people feel is unjust. Very quietly, the SEIU is buying a lot of airtime."

The unspecified "dramatic change" is probably the Employee Free Choice Act, hated by Republicans and business leaders. This legislation, favored by President Obama, will make it easier for employees to unionize if a majority signs cards stating that that's what they want. The corporate conservatives' nightmarish vision thus takes place in two steps: workers sign the cards, capitalism crumbles.

Some of these "radical-left" workers have challenged O'Reilly to walk a day in their shoes. Watch:

SEIU member Joan Nemeth of Montana explains:

"A radical group? I don't think of myself as radical. I think of myself as an average American trying to make a living and not being able to do it, because the wages that I have are inadequate to the task, let alone not having health care for 14 years."

These are not the concerns of O'Reilly, whose right-wing rhetoric reflects how removed he is from those struggling to pay their bills and afford health care. To sign SEIU's petition telling O'Reilly "to walk a day in the shoes of an SEIU member before he slams hardworking people," click here.

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