Saturday, April 4, 2009

Glenn Beck's Revisionist History: Forget Socialism, We're Headed Toward Fascism

Glenn Beck has dropped the view that we're headed toward socialism. Suddenly, we're on the road to fascism. 

"Haven't I seen this movie before?" Beck asks, as footage of Nazis on parade rolls by in the background. "Now we're afraid of the government growing larger," he states. To make us tremble, there's a photo of Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, grown larger–just like the government! We're then told that we're establishing something completely unique, a "non-violent fascism." Could that be a mixture of the principles of Gandhi and Mussolini?

Evoking Orwell's 1984 and Big Brother, we suddenly come upon Tim Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury, grown larger! But American fascism, according to Beck the historian, started with Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States, who took office in 1901. Or maybe it's Woodrow Wilson, 28th president, elected in 1912. What happened during his time in office? On the back of the mercury dime, Beck informs us, was placed the symbol of fascism. Case closed!
Beck's behavior and words amount to almost non-stop buffoonery. There is one statement he's made, though, that makes perfect sense: "I say on the air all the time, 'if you take what I say as gospel, you're an idiot.' "

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