Thursday, April 2, 2009

Joe The Plumber Shills Against Employee Free Choice Act, Admits He Knows Little About It

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, aka "Joe The Plumber," is shilling for the anti-union Americans For Prosperity in their campaign against the Employee Free Choice Act. The bill would give workers the right to vote to form a union either through signing cards or a secret ballot. The aim is to stop company intimidation campaigns and to make it easier to unionize.

Apparently Wurzelbacher's efforts in Pennsylvania are not going too well. Asked about the legislation in Harrisburg, he pleaded ignorance, stating, "I know a little about a lot of things. But I don't know a lot about everything." Finally, after being pressed on the topic, he said, "Drop it, brother, drop it. I never said I was an expert, man":

The Plum Line adds more details about Wurzelbacher's misbegotten tour:

...the Patriot News reports that union members who were bussed to the rally jeered and heckled Mr. Plumber.

“Rat! Rat! Rat!” some shouted. Another yelled: “Real plumbers are for card check!”

According to the Patriot News, Mr. Plumber admitted at one point that he hadn’t read the bill.

The tough time Mr. Plumber endured was apparently too much for him. He was scheduled to appear at a subsequent rally against EFCA in Philadelphia, but according to the SEIU, which had several organizers on the scene, he was a no-show.

Despite being called "Joe The Plumber," Wurzelbacher is not a licensed member of the trade. He admittedly knows little about the bill he's campaigning against. The Americans For Prosperity hasn't clarified whether Wurzelbacher is being paid for his efforts. His credibility on this issue is nil.

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