Monday, April 6, 2009

Pittsburgh Cop Killer Feared Obama Was Going To Take His Guns Away

Richard Poplawski (left) shot three police officers in Pittsburgh after they responded to a domestic disturbance call placed by his mother, with whom he shared a home. Poplawski frequented a white supremacist web site and was afraid that President Obama was going to take his guns away:

Friends had said he was upset and angry about losing his job a few months ago, feared that President Barack Obama would take away his gun rights, and believed Jews controlled the news media.

Internet rantings found on a white supremacist Web site,, indicate Poplawski was preoccupied with the idea that Obama was going to overturn the Second Amendment and that Jews were secretly running the country.

Through a terrible irony, Poplawski's killings of police officers pointed out the need for gun control–the type of regulations often favored by law enforcement. These murders were part of a week of gun carnage, outlined by Liberaland:

• Sat 4 April: Father is suspected of shooting dead his five children, then himself, near Seattle
• Sat 4 April: Gunman kills three policemen in Pittsburgh before being wounded and captured
• Fri 3 April: Gunman kills 13 people at an immigration centre in
Binghamton, New York state, then apparently shoots himself
• Sun 29 March: Gunman kills seven elderly residents and a nurse at a nursing home in Carthage,
North Carolina, then is shot and wounded himself
• Sun 29 March: Man kills five relatives and himself in Santa Clara,

What was the response of those who visit the site Stormfront?

Postings made by others on the extremist Web site after the Pittsburgh shooting encourage people to buy assault rifles because they suspect the arms will be banned in the wake of a string of mass shootings in the past month, including one in Oakland, Calif., where four officers were killed and another in Binghamton, N.Y., on Friday when a gunman killed 13 people before killing himself.

They figure they'd better stock up on more assault weapons before sensible legislation responds to those who engage in gun rampages. It's no coincidence that in a country that makes it so easy to stockpile firearms–indeed, Mexican drug cartels look at the U.S. as a gun bazaar–this type of carnage will take place.

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