Friday, June 26, 2009

Limbaugh: Obama To Blame For Sanford's Affair

Mitt Romney, former Governor (R) of Massachusetts, recently advanced the notion that election fraud in Iran was President Obama's fault. Since then, we've learned that Governor Mark Sanford (R) of South Carolina, missing for several days, was conducting an extramarital affair in Argentina. And whose fault was that? You guessed it: Obama's.

In a departure from the conservative theme of personal responsibility, Rush Limbaugh claimed that Sanford was so despondent over the state of the country under Obama that he decided to chuck it all and just have a good time. Listen:

Obama, according to Limbaugh, is "trying to kill spirit" and filling the country with "frustrated Americans." Is that why the President has an approval rating of 63 percent, according to the latest New York Times/CBS poll? Limbaugh also refers to Sanford's being forced by a federal judge to accept stimulus money as one reason for his desperate flight to Argentina. So Sanford, upset about economic stimulus in South Carolina, sought personal stimulus in Buenos Aires.

One detail that Limbaugh neglected was the fact that Sanford visited the woman identified as "Maria" while on a taxpayer-financed trade mission to South America early last summer. That, of course, was before Obama was elected. Why was Sanford carrying on with his mistress when America's spirit was soaring under George W. Bush?


Max Canning said...

I think it's safe to say that it's going to get even worse as far right-wing craziness goes. Limbaugh is rekindling his 1990s role as a prognosticator of doom and gloom. Once again he is paranoia personified. I also think the Tiller and Holocaust museum shootings are symptomatic of the extreme right's growing disillusionment with a liberal Washington. They can't handle the fact that there's no longer a nut like them in charge, so they go apeshit over it.

Jeff Tone said...

Max: The Department of Homeland Security issued a report warning about right-wing extremism and the potential for violence. At the time, they were criticized by conservatives. Now we see that their warnings were valid.