Thursday, June 11, 2009

Right Wing Views Von Brunn As "Leftist"

A survey of the views of James W. von Brunn, alleged murderer of security guard Stephen T. Johns at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC:

...As an avowed white supremacist and anti-Semite, von Brunn was tracked by civil rights groups.

...Police said he had an 11-page document, which he characterized as an exposé of an "international bankers' conspiracy to rule all nations from one central seat of government." Court records said he intended to place them under citizens arrest and charge them with treason.

...von Brunn said that his goal was to "deport all Jews and blacks from the white nations" and that statistics on IQs of black and white Americans "proved that there is one race that is better than another." He also testified that "Jews were the greatest liars that have ever afflicted mankind."

Von Brunn is also part of the Obama "birther" movement, which is obsessed with whether the President is a citizen of the United States. They apparently can't accept the fact that Obama was born in Hawaii.

Are those the views of an individual on the left? Yes, according to spokespersons on the right. Rush Limbaugh, who ignores von Brunn's profile as cited above, cherry picks a few of his opinions and comes to a nonsensical conclusion:

Limbaugh: This guy's beliefs, this guy's hate stems from influence that you find on the left, not the right.

Similar views come from Harry Binswanger of the Ayn Rand Institute and Glenn Beck:

Binswanger: Standards have been knocked down by our universities who tell us truth is relative, there is no morality, it's all your culture or my culture. Well, this von Brunn's culture is a tribe of racist, anti-Jewish, anti-Negro, anti-immigrant, everything–and therefore he's a phenomenon of the left, because racism is a form of collectivism. The right wing is individualist, believes in individual rights, freedom, the dignity of each individual life. You know, Hitler was National Socialism, right? It's a leftist phenomenon.

Beck: How did it happen that you look at people who are Nazis and you say that those are right wing? It doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

Is Binswanger (whose use of the term "Negro" is archaic if not insulting) really suggesting that von Brunn was influenced by liberal professors? By Binswanger's "logic," the Ku Klux Klan, which engaged in group or "collective" acts of murderous racism, is also a leftist outfit. Of course, the use of "Socialism" in a title does not prove the ridiculous contention that Hitler was a leftist. As for Beck, trying to make sense of his views is a futile task; in April he stated that we're headed toward fascism, not socialism.

Eric Erickson of of the conservative Red State blog, cherry picking like Limbaugh, tweeted the following: "Holocaust shooter, like left wing bloggers, hates Bush, Israel, the war, Christians, capitalism. The list goes on and on."

So von Brunn, like Hitler, is a leftist, in the distorted fun-house mirror of the right wing.


liberal dissent said...

They're getting creepier and crazier; they are not reacting well to being out of power. Best case scenario is they get marginalized enough that whatever mainstream republicans are left regain power, because eventually the republicans will regain the White House and Congress and I'd rather the non-crazies are in charge at that point.

Jeff Tone said...

Liberal Dissent: I quite agree with you that the Republicans are having a collective nervous breakdown. Regarding "mainstream Republicans," they are gradually being purged for the sake of conservative "purity." Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine wrote, "being a Republican moderate sometimes feels like being a cast member of 'Survivor.' " Read her essay:

Rightardia said...

The rightards are having apoplexy. A man was shot in a Unitarian Church, Obama has has received numerous death threats, and a doctor was killed. What is next? The ditto head types seem to have a bad case of sore-loserism.

Jeff Tone said...

Rightardia: Sore-loserism indeed–and at times with murderous intentions and consequences. The Homeland Security report–protested by conservatives–warning of right-wing extremism should be heeded by all.

Rightardia said...

I did a goggle search for death threats on "George W. Bush death threats" and got 5 hits. Id did the same thing on Obama and got more than 1000 hits. Obama has only been in office for about 6 months.

Jeff Tone said...

Rightardia: The threats are real, and I believe they're primarily motivated by outrage that we have an African-American president. I hope that Obama has the tightest security in presidential history.