Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sam Seder Reports On Palin Partisans' War On Jokes And Letterman

David Letterman recently made a joke about Sarah Palin's daughter being impregnated by New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, confusing younger daughter Willow, 14, with older daughter Bristol, 18. Palin took offense and Letterman apologized twice. The Alaska governor accepted Letterman's second apology; the fact that she didn't accept the first leads one to wonder whether, along with being offended, she didn't mind the publicity. Meanwhile, Letterman's ratings rose during the brouhaha.

I present this background to introduce a video in which Air America's Sam Seder conducted interviews at an anti-Letterman protest outside CBS studios. There were about 15 protesters and 35 media members; what the demonstrators lacked in numbers they made up in vehemence, insisting that Letterman's 30-year career be brought to an end. The always witty Seder elicits humorous and exasperated responses from the crowd, whose members reminded me of the participants at McCain-Palin rallies. Watch:

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