Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bachmann: The Problem With Gov't. Health Option Is That It's Cheaper And Better

Representative Michele Bachmann (R) of Minnesota has joined party members Olympia Snowe and Paul D. Ryan in setting as her first health care priority the fate of private insurance. The millions who are uninsured or have declared bankruptcy–half of all who declare, according to a Harvard University study–simply do not register. 

Speaking to The Conservative Women's Network, Bachmann started with the familiar nonsense of America being turned into a Marxist state: “What the Obama administration will do with health care is make us like Havana in 1959 when Castro came in.” You know, like Canada, England, France, Germany and every other major industrialized Western nation. First they had government-run health care, then everyone was thrown onto a collective farm. Bachmann then gets into the heart of her pitch:

The federal government will have its own government health care plan. We're told that this is the public option. Don't believe it. This is the government takeover of health care and this is how it works. The government, all of us, we taxpayers will subsidize that government option, and that government option will be thirty to forty percent cheaper than any private plan out there. It will probably offer equal or better benefits than any plan, but cheaper. Why? Because they're just spending your money. What do they care? It's your money they're spending as taxpayers, so they'll offer this cheaper plan.

"Cheaper and better"–aren't those the goals? No, that's the problem, according to Bachmann. It would be one thing if she said that private insurance is cheaper and better and covers more people. But Bachmann can't defend the industry on those merits. If she can't, she's merely shilling for it instead of working for the best interests of her constituency.

Like Senator Jim DeMint (R) of South Carolina, who said that health care could be Obama's "Waterloo," Bachmann sees the issue as a political game, part of the President's downfall: 

This is radicalization of America like we have never seen before in the history of our country. But don’t lose heart. Because the polling data is showing—Rasmussen for instance—polling data is showing that President Obama’s numbers are dropping like a rock. As a matter of fact, his polling data now says that President Obama is a mere mortal. (Laughter) And so we can take heart. That is absolutely true.

Think Progress recorded Bachmann's address:

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