Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Matthews Confronts Rep. Campbell On "Birther" Bill

In response to the fringe "birther" movement that traffics in the debunked theory that President Obama wasn't born in the United States, Representative Bill Posey (R) of Florida introduced a bill to require presidential candidates to produce a copy of their birth certificate. Chris Matthews interviewed one of the bill's co-sponsors, Representative John Campbell (R) of California:

Matthews let Campbell have his say and then got to the point: "Congressman, nice try. What you're doing is appeasing the nut cases. As you just pointed out, this won't prove or disprove whether Barack Obama is a citizen. By the way, let me show you his birth certificate. That's the way to deal with this. Mail this birth certificate to the wacko wing of your party so they see it and say, 'I agree with this; it's over.' "

Campbell had a great deal of difficulty answering the simple question, "Do you have any doubts about the authentic native birth in this country of our President?" Finally Campbell stated, "Yes, I believe so," in response to whether Obama was born in the U.S. Matthews acknowledged that they were "making progress." 

Regardless, Campbell posed as a legislator who was trying to "put the questions to rest." In reality, he's appeasing the wingnuts and advancing a conspiracy theory in the form of proposed legislation. While the Republicans can't put together alternative health or economic proposals, it's good to know that they're at the forefront of at least one issue of critical importance to the American people.

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