Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Michael Steele Stumped On The Kind Of Health Insurance He Has

Following Michael Steele's non-answers to reporters yesterday on health care, no one will be surprised about one more thing he doesn't know: the type of health insurance he has. Watch:

CNN: What type of health insurance do you have? Do you get that through the RNC?

Steele: Yup, through my employer.

CNN: What company is it?

Steele: Uhh. BlueCross BlueShield, I believe. Or maybe not. (h/t Think Progress)

Steele, the Republican National Committee chairman, doesn't need to know. If he didn't have health insurance, he'd know that. If he were among the many who had health insurance but had to declare bankruptcy over medical bills, he'd know the name of his so-called "provider."

Steele is all taken care of through his employer. To keep his health coverage, he just needs to do the bidding of that employer, the RNC. So Steele speaks out to deny coverage to the millions of Americans who don't have it.

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