Thursday, July 16, 2009

Parties Issue Dueling Health Care Charts

House Republican Leader John Boehner and other GOP members held a press conference on Wednesday detailing "The Democratic Takeover of Health Care." The fact is that the Democrats are arguing for a public option, not a universal, single-payer "takeover." That leaves room for the Republicans' beloved private health industry to compete against the public option. If they're so sure that most Americans also love private insurance, why would they bother railing against a public option?

After the press conference, the Republicans released a chart supposedly showing how complex the Democratic plan is:

Of course, there's nothing complex about the completely privatized system we have now, right? It involves no bureaucrats, little paperwork, minimal overhead, almost no denial of claims and hardly any financial worry among consumers.

In response to the chart above, a House aide sent Democratic staffers one that shows the Republican plan. Note its precise detail in overhauling health care in order to serve the needs of every citizen:


Mr. Charleston said...

You got it Curmudgeon. I don't know when people are ever going to wake up and realize that the silk-stocking set own this country, including the Republican party and too much of the Democrats. It's time for a CHANGE!! Keep up the good work.

Mr. Charleston said...

BTW... this blog owner approval thing just stifles good debate, especially among those who innately oppose censorship... re: Geo W. Bush

Jeff Tone said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Mr. Charleston. I believe that all arguments to keep privatized care the only option are smokescreens to preserve the financial interests of the health insurance, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Jeff Tone said...

Mr. Charleston, I do post comments that disagree with me. I find, though, that those who mount racist, sexist, anti-Semitic or homophobic attacks are not interested in good debate. They can find publicity elsewhere.