Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ed Schultz: Anti-Gov't. Protestors Upset By Lack Of Public Transportation

Ed Schultz cited the hypocrisy of teabaggers who complained about the inadequacy of public transportation last week in Washington, DC. "They were protesting socialism, taxation and government-run programs, but now they're complaining that the Washington Metro system wasn't good enough for them," stated Schultz. "That's right: the Washington Metro is public transit. That means it's run by the evil government. Which is exactly what these nut jobs were protesting."

Actually, why would the teabaggers want to take public transportation? Isn't that...socialism? Schultz suggested that they take taxis. Wouldn't that be a good, market-based solution?

Schultz also referred to Representative Kevin Brady (R-TX), who sent a letter to the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority protesting the fact that that the system did not "...provide a basic level of transit..." Ed reminded the viewers that the congressman "voted against a bill that would have funded the DC Metro system." Watch:

The Plum Line commented on the twists and turns in Brady's stance: "’s a real head-spinner to bash a government-run system for failing to adequately serve an enormous anti-government protest after opposing government funding for it."

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