Saturday, October 24, 2009

Guerilla Musical Disrupts Private Health Insurance Conference

The Billionaires for Wealthcare, which has done marvelous street theater satirically posing as "a grassroots network of health insurance CEOs, HMO lobbyists, talk show hosts and others profiting off our broken health care system," has struck again. They disrupted a speech by Bill McInturff, hired pollster for the private health insurance lobby and the force behind the infamous "Harry and Louise" ads that helped kill health reform plan in 1994.

As McInturff began his speech at a recent conference in Washington, DC, of America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), whose aim is to kill health reform in 2009, the protesters sang a plea for the public option to the tune of "Tomorrow" from the musical "Annie": "The option, the option, the public wants options/Without it, it's a corporate give-a-way!" Their voices were quite fine, too. Listen and enjoy:


R.D. said...

That's awesome!! Did you see these guys at the 9-12? Very creative.

Jeff Tone said...

R.D.: Thanks! Are you referring to a tea party protest? What did they do?