Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jon Stewart Explains Fox's "Perpetual Revulsion Machine"

Media Matters recently released a document and video showing how Fox's news shows echo its right-wing opinion shows. This point was made by White House communications director Anita Dunn, who stated that Fox is a "wing of the Republican party," not a real news network. Fox News senior vice president responded, "It's astounding the White House cannot distinguish between news and opinion programming." Can one make such a distinction, though, in Fox's case? Jon Stewart explains the process through which Fox blends opinion and news to the point that they are indeed indistinguishable:

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Stewart: The pot has now been stirred on the opinion side of Fox. The journalists on the other side of the wall are starting to smell something delicious: 'Is that a story?' And thus release the news hounds... Yes, [the White House is] being accused by the guy whose show was on right before you… See, the Fox opinion guy’s outrage becomes the “some say” source for the news side. It’s a perpetual revulsion machine.

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