Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fox Misleads With Campaign Footage To Show "Huge Crowds" For Palin Book Tour

Fox News host Greg Jarrett gushed about the "huge crowds" that Sarah Palin is drawing while promoting her book. Watch:

Anyone notice anything strange? Here's the first shot in the video:

McCain T-shirts? "Country First" signs? That's file footage from the 2008 presidential campaign, as Media Matters and Think Progress asserted. The same can be said for scenes showing the waving of pom-poms and Palin's use of a teleprompter: they're from 2008 election rallies.

This follows the admission of Fox's Sean Hannity that, as pointed out by Jon Stewart, Fox used footage from a larger September 12 tea party rally to illustrate a smaller anti-health reform rally.

These two episodes were brought to you by Fox, the "fair and balanced" network.


kbxmas said...

So is Palin planning a run for 2012? Seems that way, though its hard to imagine anyone could take her serisouly at this point. If she did, at least it would ensure Obama a 2nd term.

Jeff Tone said...

kbxmas: Palin's so obviously unsuited for the presidency that one might almost think that she could run as a secret agent for the Democrats.