Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gideon Levy Pays Tribute To Fellow Israeli Commentator Amos Elon At NYU Memorial

Gideon Levy, whose columns in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz focus on the corrosive effects of occupation, spoke last Wednesday at a New York University memorial event for Amos Elon (left), who passed away at 82 last May. Also a commentator for Haaretz, Elon was the author of nine books, one of which, "The Israelis: Founders and Sons" (1971), offered a view of his country both sympathetic and critical, as well as a profound understanding of the Palestinian perspective. In his remarks, Levy states that Elon's iconoclastic warnings about the occupation following the 1967 Six Day War were "nothing but prophecy" and that "if voices like Amos' voice wouldn't have been so rare in the Israeli media, Israelis wouldn't have felt so comfortable with the occupation." Watch:

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