Sunday, February 21, 2010

Palin's Grandson Ensnared By...Socialized Medicine!

Sarah Palin must be in a panic realizing that her grandson Tripp Palin Johnston has been caught in the web of socialized medicine. Documents from the custody dispute between Palin's daughter Bristol and her former boyfriend Levi Johnston specify that Tripp has government-provided health care:

From the document: C. "...Tripp is an enrolled member of Curyung Tribal Council within the Bristol Bay Native Association consortium. Because the majority of Tripp's health care costs are already covered by IHS and the Alaska Native Medical Center, Mr. Johnston has no need to purchase additional health insurance...." (h/t Huffington Post)

Palin has warned us that victims of government-provided health care ultimately face "death panels." Why hasn't she rescued her grandson from this certain, horrid future?


Tim Gunter said...

I guess Palin doesn't want Tripp to have universal coverage.

Jeff Tone said...

Actually, Tim, I think she's fine with Tripp having it--she just doesn't want the rest of us to have it!