Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wickham: Democrats Need To End Filibuster

In his commentary "Senate Democrats Need to Use 'Nuclear Option' Against GOP," DeWayne Wickham (left) states that when it comes to the filibuster, what bothers him more than the Republican minority's tyrannical use of it is the complicity of the majority Democrats.

Wickham reminds the Democrats that while they no longer have the 60 votes to block a filibuster, they still have a majority of eight. He challenges them to end this undemocratic procedure that requires a supermajority to pass anything in the Senate despite a minority party determined to obstruct:

The filibuster is a Faustian bargain that undermines the will of voters. The promise of change that swept Barack Obama into the presidency and padded Democratic majorities in the House and Senate last year has been largely derailed by the Senate's Republican minority, which has kept a broad array of legislation from coming to a vote.

More than outrageous, this legislative tyranny holds hostage our democracy to the whims of a political party that was on the losing end of an election cycle. The voters who gave Democrats control of Congress and the White House in the recent elections expect results, not inaction. They expect Congress to bring bills to a vote, not allow a mean-spirited minority to filibuster them to death.

If Democrats won't use the majority voters gave them to end this bad practice, then they deserve to suffer their wrath in November's elections.

Will the Democrats have the courage to kill this obstructionist procedure or will they get their just desserts for not doing so?

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